Past meetings of the James Braid Society
January Promoting the Expert Hypnotist
- a talk by Dr Kate Beaven-Marks
February Adoption: Its effects and the power of hypnosis to heal
- a Masterclass presented by John Scanlon
March Hypno-Oncology: Hypnotic interventions for the cancer journey – a talk by Garry Coles
April The power of language to persuade – a workshop with Paul Ross
June Hypnotherapy for Regression – a talk presented by Brenda Rhodes
January Using Emotional Control Tools in therapy – a talk by Edward Philipp
February I was Mesmerised ... by Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas
March Genetic Consciousness - a talk by Kathi Kenedi
May Reverse Engineering Hypnosis - a workshop with Russell Potts
June Working with groups: Online and in person – Dr Kate Beaven-Marks
July From Erickson to Rossi – Richard Harris workshop
January Brain sex stereotypes and your hormonal type – a talk by Rachel Langford
February Reverse Speech: revealing the voice of the deep unconscious - a talk by Ingrid Collins
March Positive psychology and personal happiness – A talk by Solly Abraham
September A Mindful Challenge - an online talk by Christopher Norris
October Success is a formula – workshop presented by Grant Murrell
December Hypnotherapy in a field in Somerset ... in the mud – a talk by Roland Bullivant
January The Monster under your Bed – a talk by Jane Jackson
February Treating ADHD without medication
– a talk by Rachel Langfod
March Sleep: Problems & Solutions – a talk by Philip Smith
April Developing People, Developing Business
– a workshop with Grant Murrell
May Habits – A talk by Christopher Norris
June A shamanic journey with Adrian Dodd and Bernard Misell
September Boundaries in therapy - ethical considerations for therapists
October Hypno-Regression in general practice – a talk by Graham Gorman
November Finding the root cause - a talk by Leila Hart
January Good practice in hypnotherapy– a talk by Shaun Brookhouse
February Experience the journey– a talk by Adrian Dodd
March Parkingson's Disease and hypnotheray - a talk by Peter Petley
April The Mesmerist - a talk by Wendy Moore
May Personality - What does it mean to us? A talk by Elwyn Griffiths
June The importance of IMRs – A talk by Leila Hart
July Stress in the workplace – A talk by Lisa French
Septmber The unrecognised power of hypno-regression – A talk by Graham Gorman
October Treating chronic pain– A talk by Sheren Gaubert
November Practical hypnoanaesthesia – a talk by Benjamin Ryan
February Mood Mapping – a talk by Dr Liz Miller
July Workplace healing - a talk by Catherine Dixon

Pain Control - a talk by Sheren Gaulbert

Nov An introduction to EMDR by Gloria May
January Sexual issues and hypnotherapy – a talk by Linda Connors
February Hypnosis in general medical practice–a talk by Dr Maureen Tilford 
March Unconscious bias training – a talk by Ruth Farenga
April Hypnotherapy for procrastination – a talk by Darren Shaw
May Treating chronic pain: – a talk by Sheren Gaulbert
July Bridging the worlds:Shamanic Approaches in Contemporary Therapy – a talk by Christa Mackinnon
Oct The Healing Voice – a talk by Chantal Fabrice
January Pornography addiction: effective therapy – a talk by Shaun Brookhouse
March Skin conditions … warts and all (An Open Evening discussion)
July Clinical unhappiness – a talk by Karen Asprey 
September Hypnotherapy in general medical practice – a talk by Dr Maureen Tilford 
November Ethically and effectively treating chronic pain – a talk by Sheren Gaulbert
January The work of Dr Stephen Gilligan – leading teacher and practitioner of Ericksonian hypnotherapy - a talk by Shaun Brookhouse

Hypnosis in hospital: - a talk by Dr kate Beaven-Marks

March Torty Colly and the deadly poison: an investigation – a talk by Elwyn Griffiths
April Fertility and hypnotherapy – a talk by Sharon Mustard
May Hypnotherapy for cancer patients – a talk by Martina McKeough
June Working with children– a talk by Lynda Hudson
September Hypnosis for childbirth - a talk by Sharon Mustard
October Blood pressure and the power of persuasion
November Forming group practice to improve business opportuniteis - a talk by Tadhg Ó Séaghdha

January Successful selling to businesses for complementary therapists – talk by Roland Bullivant
February Motivating Behaviour Change – a talk by Fiona Biddle
April Phobias – a talk by Barry Dunn-Simms
May What neuro-science tells us about anxiety disorders, trauma and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and possible treatment approaches – a talk by Christa Mackinnon
July Clinical Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Systems Psychobiology and the new NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups – a talk by Tadhg Ó Séaghdha
September Open Evening: Migraine headaches and the use of hypnosis
October Treating Parkinson’s disease patients – A talk by Peter Kingsford Petley
November Authenticity is more important than techniques – a talk by Jenny Lynn

January What does EFT have to give hypnotherapists?   What do hypnotherapists have to give EFT? –– a talk by Judy Byrne
February Overweight and obesity: a talk by Philip Smith
March Peace of Mind – a talk by Katie Abbott

Surviving the current economic climate – Shaun Brookhouse

May HypnoSex – a talk by Valerie Austin
June The clinical hypnosis methods of Dave Elman – a talk by Russell Potts
July Metaphors of Movement – a talk by Andrew Austin
September The Lüscher Colour Test - an explanation by Elwyn Griffiths
October Body, heart & sould – a talk by Catherine Dixon

January Advanced Language Patterns that Change Your Mind –– a talk by Russell Potts
April Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy –– a talk by Nicola Martin
May Empowering clients between & beyond hypnotherapy sessions – A talk by Catherine Dixon
June Provocative Change Works – a talk by Nick Kemp
September Parasympathetic activation in cancer care
October Scripts … and how we use them
November Mind & Body – a talk by Fathieh Saudi

January Ego State Therapy –– a talk by Patrick Browning
February How to read your client and develop your intuition – a talk by Jenny Lynn
March Conversational Hypnosis – a talk by Russell Potts
April Eating Disorders – an Open Evening discussion
May Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling – A talk by Wendy Sullivan & Margaret Meyer
June CRUSE: Bereavement Counselling – A talk by Julia Davies
July Dental Hypnosis – a talk by Russell Potts
September Anxiety – an Open Meeting discussion
October Addictions – an Open Meeting discussion

February Hypnotherapeutic Storytelling for Natural Change Work
a talk by Pamela Gawler-Wright
March Unconscious Signals in Hypnotherapy – A talk by Russell Potts
April The Hypnotherapy Profession post-HPC Regulation – a tak by Shaun Brookhouse
May New Code NLP – a talk by Peter Salisbury
June Future Life Progression – A talk by Anne Jirsch
July Sound Therapy and its use in treatment – A talk by Chantal Fabrice
September The Truly Dynamic Therapist – A talk by Jacquelyne Morison
October Understanding the senses, their mode of function and implication in hypnotherapy –
A talk by Dr Fathieh Saudi

February Eye  Movement Technique (EMT): A simplified form of EMDR
– a talk by Patrick Browning
March Past  Life Regression as a metaphor: A talk by Juli  Arthurs
April Obsessive Compulsive Disorders – an Open Evening
May Traditional Chinese Medicine and the basis of EFT – a talk by Catherine Dixon
June Control Room Imagery for physiological change – a talk by Adrian Dodd
July Working with Children – Presented by Siobhan Hill Elam
September Inner Child Therapy – an Open Evening
October Soul Retrieval and Cord Cutting - a talk by Fiaz Ayub

January Legal implications of smoking laws - a talk by Penny Walford
May Emotional Freedom Techniques - a talk by Judy Byrne
July What memories we have ... or maybe not - an Open Evening led by Adrian Dodd
September Cognitive Behaviour Therapy:  A talk by Dr Petite Rao e
November Metaphors of Movement or Ideodynamic Work- a talk by Fiaz Ayub

June Understanding the functions of the mind: Some implications in clinical hypnotherapy - A talk by Dr Fathieh Saudi

January Hypnotherapy and IBS - an Open Evening discussion
March Workshop on Hypnotic Techniques to deal with Anxiety and Illness
April Developing a Successful Practice – An interactive workshop with Shaun Brookhouse
November Regression in therapy

October Understanding the Nature of the Unconscious - A talk by Benny Nagari
June Is hypnotherapy losing its edge - A talk by James Pool
May Autogenic Therapy for the Hypnotherapist - A talk by Marion Brion
April Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - A workshop presented by Dr Dale Beckett
February Insurance Matters - A talk by Caryll Monument & Jeff Laider