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Thursday21st November 2019


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Leila Hart talk

You … me … the woman across the road … the man on the bus and yes, the client sitting nervously in your practice room, seeking therapeutic help, each and everyone of us are shaped and influenced by life’s experiences – and how we individually interpret them.

Some experiences are wonderful, some terrible and many are forgotten to the conscious mind. Some have minimal consequences, some others enormous effects on how we see the world, how we feel, what we do.

  Elwyn Griffiths

Leila Hart

been Chairman of the James Braid Society since it began in 1997 and has been a Clinical Hypnotherapist for over thirty years.
She lectures to various organisations, spas, doctor’s surgeries and to anyone who is interested in the power of the mind to assist in healing the body.

None of this of course is news to hypnotherapists who first learnt theoretically then learned emotionally, that the problems which present on a daily basis in our practice rooms can be caused in a million different ways. And the consequences can be amazingly diverse as well.

Sometimes however even the best therapists can leap to conclusions or at least make too quick an assumption.

We need – and our clients need – to discover what is really at the root of a problem, its genesis.

American psychoanalysists have come up with a rather neat metaphor to explain to their patients/clients what they are striving to do. They have developed the analogy of a gardener and a tree which is supposed to symbolise the relationship between a therapists and the patient.

In this way they are more able to explain why they need to dig into the roots of problems. The analogy is extended to explain how, just like gardeners, they need to dig deep, clearing away the weeds and nourishing the soil until the plants can flourish again.

Which was the issue which will be the subject of our November 2019 meeting when our chairman, Leila Hart presented a talk on “finding the root cause.”

During her presentation Leila included examples of different methods to trace the root causes of medical problems, phobias, emotional traumas etc.

She also explained how these methods can be used for many different presenting problems to first find and then deal with the cause or causes. To help illustrate all this Leila provided accounts of case histories which help explain how to make use of these methods.
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