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Thursday 25th October 2012
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Body, heart & soul - charged meditations:
regenerate your inner world!
With Catherine Dixon

The James Braid Society's October 2012 meeting considered – among other things – three important questions.

First – How do we keep our energy centres and inner batteries charged?

Second – How do we protect, develop and nurture our own energy system?

Third – Why is this important to do this when giving a hypnotherapy treatment or any treatment.

As hypnotherapists we providea service to others which involves emotional or psychological healing at some level. Yet how do we look after ourselves, keep our focus, creativity and joy in our work?

The Energy centre located in the solar plexus known as the dan tien is the most important energy centre for our inner battery. It powers the “I am”which in turns empowers and nurtures us.

The Heart centre connects us to “I am love” – love for ourselves, for others and for our world. The Upper energy centre or third eye links us to our soul purpose.

These are three most important energy centres in the body that keep our internal energy system healthy, flowing and vibrating at the optimum level.

This introductory talk explained how to open and develop these centres and how to develop a daily practice so we continue to evolve and keep ourselves healthy, happy and well.

  Catherine Dixon
Catherine Dixon
BA Hons HPD Dip Cog Hyp, NLP Prac, MNCH
is a meditation and chi kung teacher, hypnotherapist, coach, writer and speaker. She is known for encouraging her clients to take the next step towards wellness by developing a life vision that is congruent, inspiring and authentic.
Her approach integrates her knowledge of meditation, positive psychology, hypnotherapy, NLP, acupuncture, chi kung, shiatsu and other healing practices. She is a Master EFT Practitioner and EFT trainer with the AMT. She teaches meditation classes in South Kensington and Ladbroke Grove and hold regular workshops, talks and seminars. She has run mindfulness and meditation classes for organisations including the NHS. She published Empower Your Life in 2011 and is also a contributing author to Volume 4 of the Mental Health - Substance Misuse Series published by Radcliffe- Oxford 2011 and to several online publications and journals
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