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Thursday 26th September 2019
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Boundaries in therapy
Boundaries in therapy

Hypnotherapy, in common with other "talking therapies" require boundaries for safety – both the client's and the therapist's.

These boundaries, like marking along a road, are intended to reduce or avoid dangers. Unlike highway boundaries however they are not so easy to see, but the dangers of crossing them are just as real.

Which is why it is so important that all hypnotherapists both recognise these therapeutic boundaries and stay on the correct side of them.

The most obvious and frequently cited danger is getting involved in sexual relationships with clients. The big NO NO.

But many therapists also believe it is essential to avoid becoming friends with clients or becoming involved with them socially. Other therapists argue that such attitudes go too far.

This is at the very least a "grey" area which was among the important ethical issues discussed when the subject of "Boundaries in therapy" was examined at one of the society\s Open Meetings on 26 September 2019.

One conclusion some at the meeting reached was that irrespective of whether a client presents with relationship issues, work life balance, depression etc. he or she often need to set more appropriate boundaries in their own lives.

So helping clients to set, contextualise, and keep within more realistic boundaries is an important aspect of work for many of us.

Therefore the evening will exaqmined at how do we, as therapists. help clients recognise the importance of having appropriate boundaries and to work within them without slipping back into old modes of thinking.


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