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Wednesday 20th June 2018
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The Importance of the Ideomotor Response

A talk by Leila Hart

Probably among the first features of hypnosis that most hypnotherapy students learn about is the ideomotor response or IMR. And for good reason, it is an essential part of the therapist’s toolbag,

But as we, as therapists, become more experienced and more confident, is there a danger that some of us begin to forget or neglect the IMR?

Elwyn Griffiths
Leila Hart


Which could be a serious mistake as our June 2018 speaker – and chairman – Leila Hart made clear in her talk and impressive demonstration.

The term IMR is sometimes used to describe the way in which a thought or mental image causes a physical reaction, even if only a very small one.

Often this response can be unconscious. For men possibly one of the most familiar examples is an erection.

Some therapists are reluctant to employ the IMR, in some cases possibly due to the association it has come to establish with esoteric activities such as Spiritualism, automatic writing and the use of Ouija boards


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