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Thursday 19h March 2015

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Skin conditions
… warts and all  

An Open Evening

introduced by Elwyn Griffiths

It’s become something of a cliché – the observation that skin is our largest organ. But that doesn't make it any less true and it is an organ which is greatly influenced by our minds.

That is because to carry out its vital job our skin has built up millions of nerve endings linked to the brain which of course means it is intimately affected by our thoughts and emotions.

Oliver Cromwell

We’ve probably all felt shivers down our spine when scared, gone red in the face when embarrassed even met someone or something which made our skin crawl.

And of course hypnotherapy can often be highly effective in treating certain skin conditions. It is a specialty which has its own name – hypnodermatology.

Clinical evidence of the efficacy of clinical hypnosis has been reported in an extensive list of research papers ranging from Alopecia to Zits.

A substantial number of those studies looked specifically at hypnotherapy to remove or reduce warts, both amongst adults and children.

Oliver Cromwell famously instructed artist Samuel Coopeer to paint him "warts and all."

But therapists there is a strong probability that you too have encountered clients/patients seeking help with a skin conditions … warts and all.

Which was why the use of hypnotherapy in the treatment of skin conditions was the subject of an "Open" evening at the society's March 2015 meeting.