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Thursday 27th February 2014

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Hypnosis in hospital:  Working with adult medical and surgical in-patients

A talk by Dr Kate Beaven-Marks

The society's guest speaker for February 2014 was Dr Kate Beaven-Marks who explained the key factors encountered when working in a London teaching hospital and who described how she employed clinical hypnosis with adult medical and surgical in-patients.

 These interventions are brief, commonly ranging from single sessions through to three sessions.  
Kate made clear the challenges which occur when providing clinical hypnosis in the hospital setting and illustrated some of these withanonymised case studies.

In addition she offered advice about how others may take the ‘volunteer’ route.

Members were particularly interested in the quick, yet effective, protocol created to work in this environment, together with adaptations to address anxiety, sleep issues, nausea, needle fears and pain.


Dr Kate Beaven-Morgan

Dr Kate Beaven-Marks
has had what she says can be described as a ‘portfolio career’ where she has had several roles, all following a theme.  In addition to working one shift a week providing hypnosis on the wards of a London teaching hospital, she sees private clients and teaches clinical hypnosis.

She lectures and tutors MSc Clinical Hypnosis students and supervises the final year students during their research phase with the University of West London and London College of Clinical Hypnosis partnership. Additionally, she teaches what may be the UK’s only practitioner level evening class for hypnotherapy, at Morley College, leading to National Guild of Hypnotists’ certification.  Kate also teaches this for the Alterjective Institute.