James Braid Society - May 2011 meeting


Thursday 19th May 2011 Past notice

Empowering our clients between and beyond hypnotherapy sessions

A talk by Catherine Dixon

Hypnotherapy is a powerful modality yet inspired and sustained growth comes about when the conscious mind syncs with the subconscious mind and takes inspired action to bring about the desired change.

Catherine Dixon


The Society's May 2011 talk, presented by Catherine Dixon, examined the approaches and techniques which empower clients to take responsibility for their mental emotional and physical wellbeing to support the work done in hypnotherapy.

This was largelly based on the principles of the law of attraction – which is an energetic principle and leaves the client feeling that they have also contributed to the changes in their lives.

Catherine also drew on her work Empower Your Life (EYL) – a change programme to help people make a positive new start in life.

She piloted this material throughout 2009 and the programme was piloted in its entirety throughout 2010 with the joint project between Quintessentially Soho, (a privately owned members club) and the House of St Barnabas (a homeless charity) which contributed to an average 38 per cent rate of employability amongst the 50 volunteers who attended the programme, achieving five times the industry rate for similar projects.

EYL has also been used with groups of entrepreneurs and business owners to empower their personal and business goals.

The programme was developed by asking entrepreneurs about what personal skills were essential in business, together with feedback from clients who have successfully recovered from alcoholism and poor health. .

Catherine Dixon

is a wellbeing coach and personal development teacher known for successfully helping her clients raise physical, emotional and mental energy levels to achieve personal goals since 2001. She draws together her knowledge of communication, teaching, and natural health into a compassionate, intuitive approach to well-being. She has a background in training, recruitment and business. Catherine has worked within the NHS, other public bodies and has practices in Central and West London. She leads groups, seminars, workshops and retreats in the UK and has written several articles for the personal development and natural healthcare sector. She is a contributing author in Volume 4 of the Mental Health - Substance Misuse Series published by Radcliffe-Oxford 2011.

She believes that self empowerment skills are the best way to navigate life change, fear and uncertainty and in response has developed Empower Your Life, a series of audio-visual material and books intended to help people regain their power, energy and personal authority. Catherine lives in Barnes, London with her sons Louis and Alistair and enjoys theatre, dancing and independent film.



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