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Thursday 15th January 2015
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Pornography addiction:
effective therapy  

A talk by Shaun Brookhouse

Apart from death and taxes, life has few certainities. But one thing you can usually depend upon is an informative, entertaining – and probably controversial – talk from Shaun Brookhouse.

And so it proved at the James Braid Society's first meeting of 2015 when Shaun delivered a detailed explanation of how therapists can offer help for clients/patients with an addiction to pornography.

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He predicted that due to the Internet the problem of pornography addiction (PA) was likely to become increasingly widespread and so an issue more likely to present to therapists.

His talk covered the causes, the impact the condition may have on those affected and an outline of how hypnotherapy can be employed to help.

Though at one time those with an obsession towards pornography were not classified has having an adiction, it is now recognised that substance abuse and behavioural dependence do have similar neurological consequences on individiuals - but that the brain can be "re-educated.

Shaun Brookhouse
Shaun Brookhouse
is Principal of the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy and Director of Brookhouse Hypnotherapy Ltd.
He lectures on the subjects of hypno-psychotherapy internationally and is the co-author of Motivational Hypnotism (ISBN 0-9544604-1-3) and Hypnotic Coaching (ISBN 0-9544604-1-3)
Shaun is also President of the European Association for Hypno-Psychotherapy, a European Wide Organisation for the European Association for Psychotherapy. He is the Founding Chair of UKCHO, a Past Chair of the Hypno-Psychotherapy Section of UKCP and the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

The talk also examined the factors which can lead to PA and in particularinternet pornography. Those include genetic influences, past environments, trauma and repeated exposure.

For Shaun explained that repeated exposure to pornographic material may actually re-wire the brain.

For a more detail description of the talk, which was delivered to a full house, you can download the pdf file by clicing the red box above.

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