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Thursday, 22nd November 2007

Past notice
Recently the Hypnotherapy Association recently arranged a full weekend of training with internationally renowned lecturer and therapist Norman Vaughton. November 2007's talk described some of the techniques presented during that weekend and the therapeutic benefits they offer.
Metaphors of Movement or Ideodynamic Work
A talk by Fiaz Ayub
Most of the movements we make are made at a largely non-conscious level – but they are
not random or chance movements, they have intent and meaning.

The ideodynamic  work pioneered by Ernest Rossi has developed this simple process into a very sophisticated and subtle means of communication and working with non-conscious material. 

It is very clean and unpolluted by the therapist’s expectations or presuppositions.  It is minimalist, non-directive and highly respectful of the client’s privacy.
Ideomotor movements are frequently used by hypnotherapists as a way of accessing into a person’s unconscious,  often with little more than “yes” or  “no” signals.

But it can be much, much more than that … The essence of Norman Vaughton’s  weekend long presentation was “all movements have meaning”

He explained: “Hands can experience and express virtually anything that a human is capable of experiencing  and expressing.”

With movements used therapeutically in this manner it is possible to work with material so that the conscious  gains insights and understanding, but equally it is possible to work at a completely non-conscious level to produce resolutions, solutions, change and healing in physical , psychological and behavioural problems. 

This is a very powerful and as yet little known way of making very effective and last interventions.

Fiaz Aayb feels passionate about hypnotherapy.  Trained by the National School of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (N-SHAP) - he is also a licensed practitioner of Neurol-Linguistic Programming.
A member of the Hypnotherapy Association, National Council of Hypnotherapists (NCH)  and the National Guild of Hypnotists, Fiaz runs a private practice in North London amd works at a local hospice one day a week

To contact Fiaz Ayub
Phone (020) 7286 4107
Email: fiaz@bespokehypnotherapy.com
or visit website


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