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James Braid Society - May 2010 meeting


Thursday 22nd July 2010
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Dental Anaesthesia

A talk by Russell Potts

The use of hypnosis in dentistry has a long history. In 1836, Jean-Victor Oudet, a Parisian physician, removed a tooth using hypnoanesthesia – the first reported case of dental extraction with hypnosis.


Hypnosis or hypnodontia – the use of hypnosis in dentistry – besides lowering anxiety can increase overall patient comfort, make the dental experience acceptable and bearable, decrease resistance to future intervention, and through posthypnotic suggestions, encourage more rapid recovery.

And it was the subject of the society's meeting on Thursday, 22nd July 2010 when the speaker was Russell Potts.

Probably just about every dentists encounters patients who are scared of them. Some estimates suggest almost a third of the population exhibit some degree of dental phobia, some the extent that they refuse to see a dentists for years.

For patients suffering this degree of fear hypnosis can offer real benefits.

In addition hypnodontia can provide help patients with conditions such as bruxism – teeth grinding or clenching.

As a hypnosis and NLP trainer Russell has been able to draw from a wide range of tools and methods and apply them to the field of dentistry.

The combined methods can be applied to produce an optimum condition for a client to undergo a wisdom tooth extraction with no injection or any anaesthesia and to be able to experience a pain free extraction whilst feeling relaxed and calm and pain free.
During the talk Russell presented methods that can be used to help clients undergo dentistry with greater comfort and freedom from fear and pain.

Russell Potts

Russell Potts hypnotherapists

President of the International Hypnosis Society  – a progressive international training organisation he co-founded with Training Trances author Julie Silverthorn – Russell’s aim is to demystify hypnosis and help it become a distinctly recognised field and help bring its benefits to more people worldwide.
Russell has over 10 years experience in the field and his students enjoy his passion knowledge and skill as well as his ability to distil and lateralise information and provide clear demonstrations.

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