Thursday, 27th January 2005
Hypnotherapy and IBS – an Open Evening

Gut directed hypnotherapy for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the recognised success stories of hypnotherapy.

Over the past two decades a string of research programmes have confirmed that for patients with this distressing, frequently embarrassing condition, hypnotherapy frequently offers an efficacious treatment.

British hypnotherapy has been at the very forefront, starting with the pioneering work at the University Hospital of South Manchester by Dr Peter Whorwell from the mid-1980s and continuing through to recent research at Manchester's Withington Hospital.

By now it is widely accepted within much of the medical establishment that hypnotherapy can offer substantial long-term benefits for IBS patients. In North West Lancashire for instance the treatment has been promoted through the NHS.

Meanwhile many hypnotherapists have trained with one of the organisations which have developed specialised courses and their own registers.

So at the society's January 2005 meeting members examined the various models of hypnotherapy for IBS which have been developed. Leading the discussion was long-time society member Bernie Hillyard who explained the theories and the practicalities.

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