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Thursday 18th July 2013
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Clinical hypnosis, Mindfulness, systems psychobiology and the new NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups

Why Integration could be about to make our day
A talk by Tadhg Ó Séaghdha

The society's July 2013 meeting proved to be rather special – talk for therapists wanting to increase the quantity and quality of care delivered by their practice through Mindfulness.

It was presented by Tadhg Ó Séaghdha, who has a long association with the club who explaineed aspects such as:

• How work currently available for therapists who would like to work with the ELK-Foundation

• Also how work will be available in the future and how to prepare for it

• Ways in which programmes of care approved for use by the new NHS CGCs can be useful routes to getting referrals from health professionals.

Tadhg Ó Séaghdha Tadhg Ó Séaghdha

• The grants and scholarships available for gaining accreditation and new training

• How learning what other health and wellbeing providers do with whom means more business delivering balanced care

• What Mindfulness actually is and why it is a key to success in the new health environment

• In addition an explanation of what Systems Psychobiology is and why it is a key to success in the new health environment

The National College and the ELK-Foundation believe that people learning or practising hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and hypno-psychotherapy are critical to improving the emotional wellbeing of the nation