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Thursday 20th February 2020
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Reverse Speech: revealing the voice of the deep unconscious

A presentation by Ingrid J Collins Consultant Practitioner Psychologist

Ingrid J Collins

Is a Consultant Educational Psychologist, Chartered Psychologist, Registered Interpersonal Mediator, Registered Spiritual Healer, a Chartered Scientist and an Accredited Consultant of the Feng Shui Society. She is also registered with the Health Professions Council, the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, UK Healers, the Science Council, and the National Register of Psychotherapists and Counsellors and is a Past Chairwoman of the BAHA.

In addition she is an Associate Member of the Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare and a biographee in the International Who’s Who in Medicine,
She has designed and delivered courses on Children With Special Educational Needs for the University of North London and set up the Educational Management Unit for the Kensington Consultation Centre, a training clinic for systemic psychotherapists and management consultants.


The James Braid Society meeting in February 2020 introduced members to an innovative and controversial technology and treatment; a mixture of advanced high-tech and good, old fashioned therapy, Reverse Speech (sometimes spoken of as the discovery of the sixth sense) claims to reveal the secret life of the soul.

The talk was delivered by Ingrid Collins who explained how Reverse Speech had beendeveloped by Australian hypnotherapist, David Oates.

Suppoters claim it accelerates the discovery of a person’s issues, enabling them to be resolved by specialised hypnotherapy involving a metaphorical map of the different layers of consciousness.  

Its history (starting in the “Swinging 60s”) reads in part like the script for a Hollywood thriller movie. 

Unerringly accurate in the hands of RS practitioners, it can unveil any learnt self-sabotaging patterns or profoundly incongruent personal beliefs, consciously known or unknown to the speaker. 


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