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Thursday 24th April 2014

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A talk by Sharon Mustard

Once a couple/woman decides to try for a baby, all too soon as the months pass it can become all encompassing … all consuming … often obsessive.

The individual can find it difficult to focus on other aspects of his or her life.

This is a situation which Sharon Mustard, who was the speaker at the James Braid Society's April 2014 meeting understands well for she is the founder and director of easibirthing® and her talk to the society focused on hypnosis, psychotherapy and fertility.

A more detailed account of her talk – and an offer to JBS members to attend one of her training programmes at a discount – can be found by clicking the PDF logo at the foot of this page.

During her talk Sharon explained how, if month after month a failure to conceive continues the would-be parents can experience feeling detached and isolated from the world along with a profound sense of sadness, scared of ‘what this might mean’.

It is all about time - time seems to be running out. The uncomfortable reality is that there is a window of opportunity - a limited optimum fertile period in clients' lives.

As a hypno-psychotherapist, the focus of Sharon Mustard's work tends to be not just about becoming pregnant, but also about helping her clients – male and female – to re-establish control over their lives.

She says: "It may be dealing with the emotional toll of the experience of infertility. The mind has enormous power over the body, which is constantly influenced by our emotions, thoughts and beliefs.  


Sharon Mustard

Sharon Mustard

has been training women and their partners for over 15 years in using Hypnosis for Childbirth and with issues around fertility. The easibirthing® model had been specifically designed, in consultation with midwives and gynaecologists, to reflect birthing and assisted conception methods in the UK.
In partnership with the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, she also trains Hypnotherapists throughout the UK to specialise in these areas.  
As well as being a specialist in hypno-psychotherapy for childbirth and fertility, she is a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Life Coach with a full-time practice in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and has been in practice for over 17 years.  Visit  for more information.

"There are many factors responsible for infertility, and our emotions can affect the delicately balanced hormonal system, which in turn controls ovulation, sperm production and pregnancy."

There considerable research showing that hormone levels, ovulation and other reproductive factors may well be affected by what is going on in a would-be parent's mind and consulting a specialist hypno-psychotherapist can increase the chances of conception and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

some of Sharon's clients consult her as an alternative to medical fertility interventions-to increase their chances of conceiving naturally.

But alternatively they may use hypnosis alongside medical treatments such as drug therapy or IVF. As these treatments are not contraindicated with hypno-psychotherapy, maximum chance in conceiving is in taking advantage of all.