Thursday, 20th September 20

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy:  The new saviour
of the Anxious and Depressed

A talk by Dr Petite Rao

Over the past few years the Department of Health has made clear its intention to increasingly promote Cogitative Behaviour Therapy (CBT) within the NHS.

CBT is now seen in Whitehall as the “method of choice” for promoting psychological health and helping many patients deal with psychological disturbance. See these links 1 and 2

There are two schools of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, one developed by Aaron Beck, the other by Albert Ellis.  

Ellis’ model of CBT – now referred to as Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy or REBT – can and has been successfully integrated with hypnotherapy, by people such as Windy Dryden, Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies at Godsmith College.

Members of the James Braid Society were fortunate to have the opportunity to learn more at the society’s meeting on Thursday September 20th.

For the societyacquired as its guest speaker Dr Petite Rao who described how CBT “is a way of getting a person to put automatic action and thoughts which cause them suffering, anxiety and depression to the thinking brain.

“By this way they review the process and put in a thought out intervention which makes a change to their behaviour, this results in a change of circumstance and behaviour. “

Dr Rao’s talk explained how, as “a more positive thinking gets established the behavioural change is affected and resolves the state of anxiety and depression.”

And she outlined how CBT is used to deal with cases of coping difficulty at home as well work place anxiety, depression and pain management.

She said:“The CBT specialist is a facilitator and helps the person set up own goals and interventions. As they grow mentally stronger they are able to do this for themselves.”

Dr Rao believes common ground with hypnotherapy is possibly in dealing with phobias. She explained: “There may be a way of working together on this where robust phobias may require an element of hypnotherapy together with gradual desensitisation. “

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Dr Petite Rao

Dr Petite Rao

Has been been practicing medicine for the last 20 years in the United Kingdom.

She began her training in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery before moving on to become a General Practitioner.

She is currently an Occupational Health Specialist with Personal Development and Mentoring Executives has been part of her work.
 Dr Rao is especially interested in helping people back to work not always back to the same profession they started with but one possibly they are happy with.


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