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Thursday 21st January 2016
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Sexual issues and

An intgeractive talk by Linda Connors

Sex is an important, vital aspect of life and relationships and often a significant – if not always immediately apparent – factor in the issues which clients bring to hypnotherapists’ practice rooms.

The society’s first meeting of 2016 focused on the subject with an interactive talk presented by Linda Connors whose past experience includes working companies ranging from luxury goods, mining, media, film, pharmaceutical and beverages.

Her own work as a hypnotherapists has been designed to help people build their inner strengths and find within themselves the skills and resources needed to deal with whatever life throws at them.

For she says: “When people experience issues that alter their sense of their sexuality it can affect their sense of self, their identity, relationships with others and many other areas of their life.

“Lack of clarity can arise in the ways they think, experience themselves and relate to the world around them.

“Clients report that they often experience shame, intrusive thoughts, loss of control, fear, loss of masculinity and femininity, body disconnection, heightened anxiousness, embarrassment, guilt and performance anxiety.” 

Linda also finds that some people avoid sex and intimate relationships, even deferring attempts to start a family – with or without a clear explanation to concerned partners.

“Often, people are simply too embarrassed or ashamed to seek help.   When they do it is important for practitioners to respond effectively, to create the right space and environment to support them.”

During her presentation Linda discussed:

- How to work with male and female sexual issues

- Working with clients with different religious or cultural beliefs

- How brain-mind-body Interconnection is perceived, understood and misunderstood

- How the connection of ‘Thought-Imagination-Physical Sensation’ effects sexual activities

- Why it’s important to align the mind, body and heart for sexual fulfilment

- Love, intimacy, sex and relationships

- Get comfortable talking about sex!

- The role of hypnotherapy, coaching and meditation when working with sexual issues.

Some of the sexual issues Linda works are known medically as: premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, sexual performance anxiety, orgasm issues, vaginismus, low sex drive, as well as porn and sex addiction.