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Thursday 17th January 2013

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Selling hypnotherapy to businesses:
How therapists can win new markets

a talk by Roland Bullivant

Many complementary therapists provide services which could deliver great value to companies and organisations – if only they were able to penetrate that market.

At the same time however many therapists feel uncomfortable with having to engage in a sales process when trying to secure a contract for a programme of work from corporate customers.  The result can be lost opportunities or complete avoidance of that type of business.

There are many reasons for this sense of discomfort as Rolland Bullivant set out at the society's first meeting of 2013 on Thursday 17th January.

Among those reasons are a possible aversion to being perceived as a "pushy salesperson", being anxious about meeting senior business people in a sales context or uncertain about the value of their services.  It may also be concern about entering a world for which the therapist has had no training or exposure.

Whatever the reason the good new Roland explained was that selling is not a black art.

Selling is straightforward, but not easy,  It is a skill that can be learned, that involves more listening than talking and is a structured yet flexible process.

Selling is just a conversation (or SIJAC for short); an easy-to-understand, highly effective methodology that enables sales professionals, and more importantly non-sales people, to sell successfully.

During his talk, Roland outlinede the process behind the SIJAC methodology and also provide some key ‘takeaway’ approaches to the sales process and to conducting sales meetings which on their own can be invaluable in helping therapists to acquire corporate customers in a professional and relaxed manner

  Roland Bullivant
Roland Bullivant

is a qualified Hypnotherapist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Reiki master.  He also has over 30 years successful experience in business to business sales and marketing to large and small organisations in virtually every market sector.  He has been providing sales training and mentoring to his own as well as other sales staff and to non sales people for over 15 years.

He has successfully sold stress management, CBT and hypnosis based sales performance improvement programmes to corporate buyers.

Roland has been trained in many of the leading sales and associated methodologies including SPIN, Customer Centric Selling, Presentation skills, Negotiation skills and of course SIJAC. He is a SIJAC trainer and Customer Centric Selling coach and facilitator.

He maintains current awareness about selling and is especially interested in the impact that the internet, social media and increased ‘busyness’ of the corporate buyer and executive has on the sales process and will be including commentary on how SIJAC is effective in today’s rapidly changing business environment during his talk.

Roland’s website is