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Thursday 19th May 2016

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Treating chronic pain:

Applying the science

A talk and workshop by
Sheren Gaulbert

Years ago Bob Dylan penned the thought: "Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain.”

Well, hmmmm. As with much of Dylan's work, the accuracy of that claim is debatable – what's undeniable though is there's a heck of lot of pain about, both physical and emotional.  

Hypnotherapy of course is a proven method of helping to elevate or overcome both types hypnotherapists are well aware that stress and pain are often intrinsically linked.

It is physical pain which was the focus of the James Braid Society's May 2016 meeting with the welcome return of a recent speaker Sheren Gaulbert.

Sheren delivering both a talk and presenting a workshop in which everyone at the meeting was invited to take part.

The potential for hypnotherapy to help ease pain for so many people is also undeniable, confirmed as it is by long lists of clinical studies stretching back over the decades.

Hypnotherapy's efficacy includes pain control for cancer patients, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma and demonstrated way back in the 19th century in India by James Esdaile with success surgery on hundreds of patients.

Sheren Gaulbert
Sheren Gaulbert

is a chronic pain relief specialist and re-educator. She is a member of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), and the Pain Education Group. Her own breakthrough after suffering almost 10 years with persistent pain, propelled her to dig deeper into pain biology and the role of hypnotherapy. Her Break Through Pain Programme helps clients build solid foundations to gain back control, and create a personal blueprint for long-term relief. She trains and mentors therapists to effectively integrate pain education into their approach

Among the startling and somewhat shocking statistics Sheren cited in the fact that in the United Kingdom there is only one pain specialist for 32,000 people, a problem highlighted eight years back in a report from the Chief Medical Officer.

All adding to our speaker's conviction that it’s time for hypnotherapists to step up and how we should go about was set out in the second half of her Pain Sciences QUIZ!*

That is because everyone attending the May meeting received the WHOLE QUIZ* plus answers which they could take away to offer to clients as a solid foundation towards:

 Improved outcomes / ethical pain management.

Communicating confidently with medics and other health professionals.

In addition Sheren set out case studies, discussing how the current science indicates even better ways for us to help our clients and promoting the flow of ideas from those at the meeting during a practical workshop.

If you missed Sheren Gaulbert's November talk don't worry.

She has compiled a complimentary email series as an intro to the main points covered.

Those who attended her previous presentation may also find the this is a helpful refresher

Access the free series here:

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