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Thursday 20th May 2021
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Lizard Brain talk

workshop with Russell Potts

In the field of classic hypnosis the hypnotic state is the resource state where the conscious mind is de-potentiated and the unconscious mind is responsive. Within the realms of this model the state of hypnosis enables access to memory emotion, creative imagination whilst hypnotic phenomena my be actualised by suggestion including anaesthesia analgesia, amnesia, positive/negative hallucination and post hypnotic suggestion.

Prior to the work of Milton Erickson hypnotic phenomena was largely regarded as the perceptual, behavioural characteristics that could be manifested by suggestion within the context of induced hypnosis.

Erickson however recognised that hypnotic characteristics were behaviours of every day living. Thus a wide range of perception, contextual emotional responses and resulting behaviours share the characteristic components of hypnotic phenomena such as spontaneous age regression, positive/negative hallucination as well as childhood induced post hypnotic suggestion.

Milton Erickson observed both pleasurable and problematic states were comprised of the components of hypnotic phenomena and were therefore trance states. The deepest of a life trance state being a persons response to their name occupation and their life perception and resulting sense of identity.

Effecting change that alters or dissolves a daily trance state can change a persons experience of both external and internal reality as well as their sense of identity.

Reverse Engineered hypnosis is a Neo-Ericksonian approach based on the work of Milton Erickson. Attend this talk you’ll learn about reverse engineering hypnosis to move from life trance into possibility and choice.

Topics Include:

Understand and recognise everyday hypnotic phenomena and how your client constructs problematic trances. Including positive/negative hallucination amnesia/hypermnesia identification/dissociation and more.

Terence Watts
Russell Potts
is a transformational Hypnotherapist & trainer. He has the skill, observant perception listening ability to help clients transform and dissolve old and unwanted patterns whilst recreating new and preferable ways of being.

He’s trained and certified in numerous models of clinical hypnotherapy, as well as a certified trainer of Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic programming.

Russell has taught advanced certification trainings up to trainer level but prefers to teach advanced specialised seminars, some of which include Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis, Healing Hypnotic Identities , Deep Trance Phenomena, The Clinical Hypnotherapy Methods of Dave Elman, Eclectic Contemporary Hypnotherapy. Mastering Directive Hypnosis, Hypnosis for Pain Control, The Art of Dreaming and more.

Childhood conditioned post hypnotic suggestion that determine limiting belief systems.

‣ Identity based trances which confine and compound limitations.

‣ Utilising and transforming limiting trance states

‣ Working with form content free

‣ Analog time distortion for change

‣ Use of process based mindful attention

‣ Healing hypnotic affects of childhood

‣ Working without any formalised inductions

‣ Interpersonal & interpersonal trances

‣ Triggers