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Thursday 26th June 2014

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Delights (mostly) and drawbacks 
(few) of working with childreng

A talk by Martina McKeough

As with adult patients, children are all individuals and what is true for one child may be totally untrue for another – one of the points made clear by Lynda Hudson, the speaker at the society's June 2014 meeting

Lynda explained some of the problems children bring to the consulting room and the responses therapists might expect to encounter.  

In addition she outlined some ‘frequently asked questions’ such as ‘How do you explain to parents what to expect and what not to expect in the session?’  ‘How do you get them to support the work that you do in the session at home?’

One of the areas that can cause quite a lot of difference of opinion among therapists concerns the question of whether parents should accompany their children into the consulting room.

Lynda instists everyone is entitled to their own view on the topic and clearly there can be no definitive right or wrong answer to this. But her talk covered some of the advantages and disadvantages of both points of view.

When she began working with children there was little literature available on the subject so in 2009 she wrote the book that she would have liked to have had when she began herself.

It is a handbook giving background information on the most common issues hildren present with in her consulting room plus a variety of scripts for each problem appropriate for different age groups and personalities. Entitled Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children copies (signed if you want this) will be available to buy with a reduced price on the meeting.

  Lynda HudsonLynda Hudson

is a clinical hypnotherapist, trainer and author. She specialises in working with children (although she loves working with adults too) and find this field particularly rewarding.
Lynda originally trained with the LCCH in the early nineties and subsequently became one of their regular lecturers on their Diploma courses.  Now She is a free-lance trainer for a number of colleges in using hypnotherapy with children and also runs her own small group workshops.     Prior to studying hypnotherapy Lynda was a teacher and Director of Studies of a Language School, with qualifications in psychology and linguistics