Archive report of meeting
Thursday 19th November 2015
Past notice
Ethically & effectively
treating chronic pain
a talk by Sheren Gaulbert

The role of hypnotherapy in helping to treat and reduce long-term pain was the subject of the society's November 2015 meeting.

It was presented by Sheren Gaulbert, whose personal experience of chronic pain helped propel her into developing a programme designed to help patients/clients take control of their situation.

Pain control is undoubtedly a large-scale problem for health services and providers. There are more than 4.5 million adults in the UK suffering with chronic pain. Many feel hopeless or confused about whythey’re in pain – and anxious to discover the best treatment route.

Ethical use of hypnotherapy fits within the biopsychosocial model and current understanding of the neurobiology of pain.

Understanding biology basics can help clients progress better, and foster better relationships with other health professionals and medics.

During her talk Sheren set out three specific aspects of how she works.

A.  Powerful Stories to illustrate how pain works: 

Research shows that clients who gain even a basic understanding of how pain works, manage or break through their pain better. These stories also help explain how hypnotherapy can be an effective treatment choice.

B.  7 Pain amplifiers – Including NOCEBO: 

This means identifying the factors that amplify pain can be the first step towards constructing an effective hypnotherapeutic route to putting clients back in the driving seat of their life, and freedom from suffering

C.  4 Pain Muters – The medicine cabinet of the brain: 

Pointers to how each of these super-powerful endogenous drugs can be released into the body by the brain

Sheren Gaulbert hope was that this session helped hypnotherapist feel more confident when treating clients with persistent pain, ethically and effectively.