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Thursday 16th January 2014
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The work of Dr Stephen Gilligan – leading teacher and practitioner of Ericksonian hypnotherapy

A talk by Shaun Brookhouse

Our first speaker for 2014 was a familiar figure in British hypnotherapy - Shaun Brookhouse.

At our meeting on the 16th January he described and explained the impact Milton Erickson theories on hypnotherapy across the world then went on to examine how that has been taken forward by one of Erickson's students, leading American pyschotherapist Stephen Gilligan.

Dr Gilligan certainly enjoys a long and distinguished pedigree, in fact he is widely regarded as being one of the central figures in the original NLP group.

Just as significantly however he also became a major student of the man whom most hypnotherapists today regarded as the "Father of modern hypnotherapy" – Milton Erickson.

Dr Stephen Gilligan
Stephen Gilligan

And for more than 40 years Stephen Gilligan has been extending his work in important ways, while also developing his programs in Generative Trance and Generative Coaching.

Shaun Brookhouse
Shaun Brookhouse

is Principal of the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy and Director of Brookhouse Hypnotherapy Ltd.

He lectures on the subjects of hypno-psychotherapy internationally and is the co-author of Motivational Hypnotism (ISBN 0-9544604-1-3) and Hypnotic Coaching (ISBN 0-9544604-1-3)

Shaun is also President of the European Association for Hypno-Psychotherapy, a European Wide Organisation for the European Association for Psychotherapy. He is the Founding Chair of UKCHO, a Past Chair of the Hypno-Psychotherapy Section of UKCP and the National Council for Hypnotherapy.


Shaun explained: “Many in the field of hypno-psychotherapy revere the name Milton Erickson as being the father of the modern use of hypnosis within a psychotherapeutic sphere."

During his talk Shaun went on to show how an important new framework was built for this creative consciousness.

This framework he insists is of benefit to both hypno-psychotherapist as well as other psychotherapists who utilise a variety of modalities.

He added: “According to William James, 'the unconscious mind is the horse and the conscious mind is the rider', this presentation will show how to help clients to improve the relationship between horse and rider in order to make transformational change that will stand the test of time.”

The meeting will takes place at the  at “The Carpenters Arms”, 12 Seymour Place,  W1H 7NE – just off Edgware Road & close to Marble Arch tube station.  Meetings start at 7.15pm

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