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Thursday 23rd February 2017Past notice

Mood Mapping:
A tool for therapists and clients

A talk by Dr Liz Miller

The James Braid Society was delighted to have as its guest-speaker at the February 2017 meeting n award-winning, headline-hitting author whose work as a mental health pioneer has been internationally acclaimed.

The speaker wasDr Liz Miller, author of "Mood Mapping" a work often described as a practical guide to emotional health and happiness.

Chantal FabriceDr Liz Miller


Mood mapping is a strategy designed to deal with mental health illness in an entirely different way than from most conventional psychological therapies.

It has prompted significant response – and successes – leading in 2008 to Dr Miller being voted Mind Champion of the Year in recognition of her work

She originally developed her techniques to help herself deal with her own problems and has since gone on to help many others, both through her face-to-face work and through her ground-breaking. easy-to-read book.

Mood Mapping may be seen as a step-by-step explanation of how to change and improve one's mood and outlook, especially people diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.

In 2007 Mr Miller was a central figure in Stephen Fry's Emmy awarding winning television documentary "The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive."

Those who recall the programme may also remember how she she talked openly about being sectioned being diagnosed with bipolar disorder at a time when she was under extreme professional pressure as a neurosurgeon.

In her talk to the society Dr Miller clearly described a personally difficult period, years of depression but also a time when she turned her own life around – to a large extent thanks to her own carefully developed techniques.

During her talk she touched on some of her ten top tips for mental health -management. Those are

1. Eat healthy food
2. Avoid junk food
3. Omega-3 Supplements
4. Exercise daily:
5. Get outside and feel the rays
6. Avoid alcohol and other poisons
7. Breath from your belly
8. Rest and relax
.9. Exercise your mind
.10. Learn all you can about health


Formerly a neurosurgeon – first woman in the Unitred Kingdom to be trained in neurosurgery – for the past 20 years she has been a GP in West London with an interest in complex medical problems and musculoskeletal issues.

She is the author of of "Mood Mapping: plot your way to emotional health and happiness" which was published by Rodale in 2009.


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