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Thursday 25th Febuary 2016
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Uses of hypnosis in general

medical practice
– part 2 
A talk by Dr Maureen Tilford MB ChB 

The society's Febuary 2016 meeting marked an early and welcome return for general practititioner Dr Maureen Tilford.

During the previous September the East Anglian GP delivered a talk which proved to be informative, entertaining and often highly humorous.

Naturally this left members wanting to hear much more and that it is what is promised and delivered with an informative but always entertaing presentation.

During more than three decades as a family doctor Maureen sustained a strong interest in the 'mind-body" link.

This led to her training in clinical hypnotherapy with the specific intention of enhancing her skills in managing patients many of whom had complex physical and emotional problems.



Dr Maureen Tilford
Dr Maureen Tilford
graduated from medical school in Glasgow and after some post graduate hospital and GP training, joined a group practice in Norwich where she worked full time for 30 years, followed by locum work in Norfolk for a few years after retiring from her partnership.

She is a member of the British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis and the James Braid Society,

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