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Thursday 20th September 2012
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Max Lüscher
Max Lüscher
Luscher 8 colour test
The Lüscher Colour test

An explanation by Elwyn Griffiths

Little-used techniques was the unusual but very fruitful topic for the James Braid Society's September 2012 meeting and the use of the Lüscher Colour test was among the therapeutic procedures discussed.

The test was devised by Dr Max Lüscher, Professor of Psychology at Basle University based on the idea that unconscious preferences for colours reflect the way we are.

There is a full test with lots of colours to choose between, but hypnotherapists will be interested in the eight colour short test; it is quick and easy to administer, is non-threatening to clients (who can react adversely to questionnaires about problems), and interpretation is usually straightforward

The eight colours are carefully graded and have been shown to work with colour-blind subjects.

I have used the test off and on over many years and have found the results illuminating and reliable. Currently, I am finding it useful with clients being treated for various anxieties.

Described by Dr Lüscher as a "diagnostic", it as a has been in clinical use since 1947 and has been translated into at least 27 languages. It is usually is presented as a personality test (a popular subject in the 60s and 70s) but it is most useful for flagging-up conflicts between objectives and activities and, surprisingly, for indicating possible underlying physiological problems.

Lüscher-Diagnostik, in Switzerland offers to provide training for the colour test (presumably the full one) for a thousand Swiss Francs. But this book is all you need – Max Lüscher. The Lüscher Colour Test. 1970. Johnathan Cape, London. SBN 224 61883 0. 185 pages.

It was a best seller, and copies (hard cover and paperback) are still around. On the web they are offered at around £10 to £40, but they turn up in charity shops too. If you do buy a copy, make sure it has the colour cards!

 Luscher test

The full Lüscher colour test

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