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Meeting: Thursday 19th February, 2004


A talk by Caryll Monument & Jeff Laider

If there is one professional issue hypnotherapists tend to overlook, it's the quality and reliability of their own insurance cover.

Of course every ethical hypnotherapists has taken out cover and assumes he or she is properly protected. At the very minimum they will have policies covering them for up to 1 million and are very likely to be covered up to 2 million. For the size of the premium required it may seem good value for money.

But how much is it really worth? How certain can any practising hypnotherapists be that if the worse ever happened and they needed to claim, that their insurers would pay up?

For the question every therapist should consider seriously is just how good, how comprehensive and how real is the cover for which he or she pays.

The answer could prove to be extremely disturbing for some.

Which is why the James Braid Society's February 2004monthly meeting was so important.

Insurance cover may not sound a particularly exciting issue - until it starts to go wrong. By attending many members may have learned enough to prevent things going wrong.

There is no doubt about it - Insurance Matters. Which just happened to be the title of our February meeting when we had as our speakers two insurance experts, Caryll Monument and Jeff Laider.

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