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Thursday 21st November 2013
Past notice
Authenticity is more important than techniques
A talk by Jenny Lynn  

At its November 2013 meeting the society welcomed the return of Jenny Lynn who delivered a compelling and memorable presentation.

Jenny believes that as the 21st century moves towards ever more mechanisation, technology and alienation from community and society, people are becoming more externally referenced and therefore more vulnerable.

During her talk she explained how, as people look constantly look outside of themselves; to therapists, doctors and experts to be able to provide some kind of solution for our ills.

"This trend towards the scientific or the objective has infected not just modern medicine, but also hypnotherapy," she says.

"In our clamour for acceptability, we have taken up the reins of technique-ing, having been trained to believe there is for a technique for every pique."

According to our speaker it does not take long for newly qualified hypnotherapists to realise it isn't quite as simple as that.

Jenny argued that the simultaneous trend towards resonance, how the world is hungry for meaning and authenticity, how the use of psychodrama can create big shifts of consciousness and how developing and showing up with one's own authenticity as a hypnotherapist could make technique-ing work far more effectively.

She also discussed why even, at times, a therapist's authenticity can dispense with technique-ing altogether.


Jenny LynnJenny Lynn
is a transpersonal counsellor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and Buddhist of 30 years and is also a Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapist. 
She works in practice from her home in Essex and from Liverpool Street, London.
She was trained in psychodrama which she now uses to create the profound shifts of consciousness that her clients, therapist and coaching colleagues are seeking.
Jenny has also authored a number of books, including unlocking the mysteries of chronic fatigue syndrome: training manual for therapists which is available on her site.  She now runs which is a forum that meets in London and Essex where she mentors practising therapists and hypnotherapists to develop their authenticity and mindfulness in their practice, becoming the change they wish to see in their clients, overcoming performance anxiety and leading the way in personal awareness and personal development