Past notice Thursday, 24th July 2007

What memories we have
... or maybe not

A "Open Evening"discussion on memory and hypnotherapy
headed by Adrian Dodd

Memory – We all have has one but few of us are content with its performance.


We are told that the great thinkers, artists and scientists like Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci used less than 10 per cent of their capacity.

So how is this possible?

The James Braid Society's July meeting will endeavour to find some answers to those important questions.

The society is organising one of its popular "Open Evening" discussion groups to examine various aspects of memory and their implications for successful hypnotherapy.

The evening will be headed by one of the society's own members, Adrian Dodd who will be offering some tips and describing some of the the techniques he has found can be used to increase the capacity and fun of learning and REMEMBERING.

The meeting took place on Thursday, 24th July at the Park Crescent Conference Centre, International Students' House, 229 Great Portland Street

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Adrian Dodd
Adrian Dodd

Has been a therapist for 11 years, having started with aromatherapy, sports massage and cranio sacral therapy.

In 2002 he moved to hypnotherapy, completing his training with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis the following year.

Adrian is currently practicing part-time but wishes to specialise in pain control and stress management

He is also an LCCH tutor and supervisor as well as being an NLP Master Practitioner