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Next meeting of James Braid Society, hypnotherapy discussion group and social club


Thursday, 13th March 2008

Past  Life Regression as a metaphor:
As  thought by Andy Tomlinson

A talk by Juli  Arthurs
Past notice

The therapeutic use of past life regression to help patients and clients deal with present life problems was the subject of the James Braid Society's meeting on Thursday 13th March 2008.


The talk was delivered by long-time member of the society Juli  Arthurs who described her past life training under Andy  Tomlinson.   

This  particular training, described in Andy’s book “Healing the Eternal Soul”  covers:

· the  process of regression to past lives
· how to  manage deep frozen body memories and catharsis
· how to  guide towards  resolution  and forgiveness in the spirit  realms
· introducing  concepts such as spirit guides and power animals  
· introducing  concepts such as trapped energy for spirit release  
· pulling  it all together to help with current life problems  

The use  of psychodrama is encouraged with this powerful technique, which can produce dramatic shifts in consciousness and the meeting heard how this training attracts  students from all over the world, who, in many cases, are profoundly changed  by the end of it.



Juli Arthurs

trained at the London College for Clinical Hypnosis and obtained a  distinction in 1999.

Juli  also has a degree in French and Linguistics and the Chartered Institute of  Marketing       Diploma.

Juli’s approach combines a fascination with the power of  words and the way they can be used for positive change, with experience  and understanding of stress-related         conditions in the workplace, both physical and mental.

Over  the years she has had fun  incorporating different   spiritual and metaphysical techniques.