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Thursday 22nd March 2012


a talk by Katie Abbott

Katie Abbott
Katie Abbott

At the society March 2012 meeting hypnotherapist Katie Abbott took members on a gentle, perceptive journey during which they were able to explore the role thought plays in creating experiences of life.

During her presentation members and guests were encouraged to allow their intellects to relax and experience a deeper feeling of connection with life and one another.

The talk lived up to its promises to offer an insightful while relaxing evening – presenting the possibility for insight and peace of mind.




Is an experienced cognitive hypnotherapist and personal coach whose past careers include teaching and art management.

She has worked in a range of settings and with diverse groups of people, including presenting theatre workshops in prisons

Katie was the Observer's expert Hypnotherapist in 2009 and contributed to leading publications including The Guardian and Psychologies Magazine. She now has a practice in London's Harley Street.


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