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Thursday 24th September 2015
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Uses of hypnosis in general
medical practice
A talk by Dr Maureen Tilford MB ChB 

Dr Maureen Tilford is a general practitioner with a long-term interest in the ‘mind-body’ link who for many years has used hypnosis with some of her patients.

Her experience of employing hypnotherapy as a local doctor who has worked in Norwich for more than three decades, will be the subject of her talk to our September 2015 meeting

Dr Tilford first trained in clinical hypnosis in order to enhance her skills in managing patients, many of whom had complex physical and or emotional problems.

As a result of her experience she firmly believe doctors can better manage illness and suffering by employing the power of their patients' minds.

Dr Maureen Tilford
Dr Maureen Tilford

A member of BSCAH (British Society of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis) as well as the James Braid Society, she explained: “My use of hypnosis in medical practice has included working with both physical conditions such as pain and cancer as well as emotional issues such as anxiety and panic."

She went on: "I have made use of ‘formal’ hypnosis as well as using language and metaphor in the consultation "

Her presentation included several case intriguing histories and and she also set out her views on why she believes hypnosis should be a much more mainstream intervention in both hospital,  GP medical care as well as in the wider field of psychotherapy.


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