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Roohy Shahin's talk in November 2005

Regression Techniques in Hypnotherapy

This was a second chance for members to hear Roohy's talk and watch a demonstration of her techniques. Originally she was due to present her talk back in mid-summer – Thursday, July 21st to be precise  … the day of the second London terrorist bombings. With the Capital's public transport in chaos hardly  any members were able to get to that meeting. There was however a good turnout for her second appearance in November 2005.

Roohy Shahin

A qualified psychotherapist Roohy is a member of BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) with many years of experience as a counsellor working for the NHS.
Based at 10 Harley Street, she has more than ten years of hypnotherapy experience and extensive expertise in advanced hypnotherapy training. She regularly holds diploma courses and specialist seminars
At present Roohy is concluding her Master degree in addiction at Institute of Psychiatry (Kings College).
Her focus' in hypnosis is in regression with is an efficient way to find the route of  problems which she has found to be extremely effective."

Regression is undoubtedly among the most fascinating – though sometimes controversial – aspects of hypnotherapy and Roohy Shanin has made it a speciality in her work as a psychotherapist.

During her talk she shared much of what she has learned from her many years of research and the clinical practice of using regression techniques and provided a practical demonstration of how she employs it to deal with clients' problems such phobias.

Her talk also explained what practicing hypnotherapists need to learn in order to feel that they have a thorough understanding of how the mind works in its regressed state

And she offered a scientific explanation of what happens with the mind when regression is activated as well as addressing issues which have long concerned the hypnotherapist – risk, safety and confabulation.

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