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Thursday 22nd October 2020
Sucess is a formula
A workshop presented online by Grant Murrell

The James Braid Society broke new ground yet again in October 2020 in its efforts to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the society's first online Annual General Meeting and the society's first online talk, October sawthe society's first online workshop.

Grant Murrell

Grant Murrell

is an international speaker, coach, mentor, trainer, NLP yrainer, hypnotist and behaviour practitioner,

Over the past 16 years, het and his team have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations from 15 countries, sacross five continents to increase profits by up to 200 per cent.

You can see more about Grant at

It was presented by one of the society's own members, Grant Murrell who, in April last year, delivered a very well received workshop on how hypnotherapists can improve their own businesses.

Grant expanded on that topic during his workshopwhen he shared tips, tricks, tools and strategies of how to create, deliver and grow your digital hypnosis presentation and business.

Such skills and knowlege can, says Grant, assist therapists in enjoying a highly profitable career their desired lifestyle!
This workshop set out to help in several ways.

• Whether the therapist was just thinking of starting his or her own hy hypotherapy practice as a full-time business
• Alternatively whether they had already started their business but remained keen to learn how to engage more clients, more easily during online sessions
• In addition for those who already had a busy offline hypnosis business yet wanted to quickly increase income levels by increasing their client reach, working online, reduce overheads or just have more free time.

Overall Grant's latest workshop demonstrated in helpful ways how to present online with ease, engage an audience, generate more money in less time, have less stress and more fun and fulfilment; At the same time it is designed to help individual hypnotherapist shine in the current marketplace.