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Past noticeThursday 16th June 2022

Hypnotherapy for Regression

A talk by Brenda Rhodes

Regression through hypnotherapy can be a divisive issue amongst therapists with both strong advocates and opponents.

Most hypnotherapists probably are comfortable – or even enthusiastic about age regression with suitable clients/patients though some older practitioners may uncomfortably recall the kerfuffle about a quarter of a century ago over the False Memory scandal.

More contentious, or at least more open to dispute, is the question of past life regression. Works such as “More Lives Than One” or stretching back even earlier to “The Bloxham Tapes”, certainly prompted a lot of interest.

So whatever your own views may be, you will probably agree regression is an intriguing subject … even if one which has regrettably received rather too little serious study and research.

What’s more it wasm by mid 2022, a topic which had not been the subject of a James Braid Society talk for far too long.

Happily the society rectified that in June 2022 with a much-welcomed talk from Brenda Rhodes who is a hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner based in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Brenda is herself a regular attendee at James Braid Society talks and a highly experienced presenter of talks and workshops.


Pau; Ross
Brenda Rhodes