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Thursday 14th April 2016
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A talk by Darren Shaw
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“Procrastination is the kidnapper of souls and the recruiting-officer of hell!” according to 19th century Scottish theologian Edward Irving.

Wow! That's quite a proposition but happily such hellfire and brimstone eloquence did not colour the society's April 2016 meeting.

Ibstead the problems which procrastination can so often cause were examined by our guest speaker Darren Shaw – along with ways in which therapists can help clients.

It would be silly to deny there are times when just about all of us are guilty to some extent of avoiding or delaying those tasks which needs to be tackled by instead distracting ourselves with something more entertaining or enjoyable.

But as many experienced hypnotherapists can confirm, there are some individuals who take this psychological behaviour to extraordinary levels, in the process causing stress, frustration and anger – for themselves and those around them.

Other effects on health, how procrastinators see themselves and the world and even whether there could be some benefits to this behaviour will all be examined on Thursday 14th April.

  Darren Shaw
Darren Shaw
is an event’s organiser trained in a range of approaches and philosophies relating to human behaviour and behavioural change. His research interests include attention research and the effects of emotion on decision making and attentional control. Darren founded Birkbeck University’s largest student-run society which he directed for five years while reading for his degree in psychology.

Darren, who recently graduated, also recounted a string of humorous stories about fellow students' behaviour recorded over five years of observations.

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