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Thursday 24th September 2020
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Norris talk

Despite the continuing Covid19 pandemic, the James Braid Society resumed its monthly talks and presentation in September 2020 – online via Zoom. home.

This exciting development followed the successful, smooth running of the society's Annual General Meeting held in August.

A Mindful Challenge

Online training, conferencing and even therapy, has been around for a more than decade but the Covid-19 pandemic suddenly super-charged the scene in ways few could have predicted even a year ago.

This society’s first-ever online presentation was a valid example of the changes currently being witnessed..

Christopher NorrisChristopher Norris

Over the preceeding six months much of the public has become used to fresh ways of teaching, learning and assisting. It’s the future … at least for the foreseeable future.

One therapist who travelled further than most down this new path is Christopher Norris who has pioneered new ways of mindfulness training with an intensive eight-week course.

Christopher combines being a hypnotherapist, coach, personal trainer and clinical mindfulness teacher – plus membership of the James Braid Society. During his presentation he explained aspects of his new course and shared his motivation for designing a new eight-week mindfulness course.

In addition Christopher outined the process of first trialling the course’s delivery in a physical venue and then the challenge of adapting it to an online format.


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