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Thursday 27th October 2016

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The Healing Voice

A talk by Chantal Fabrice

Chantal FabriceChantal Fabrice


Hypnotherapy is of course one of the "talking therapies" which means that the way in which individual therapists talks to their clients/patients, the choice of words and the sound of the voice is crucially important.

So the society's October 2016 meeting provided valuable advice on one of the most influenial aspects of a talking therapist's armory – their voice.

Our guest speaker, Chantal Fabrice, focused on the power of the voice as a therapeutic tool.

She explained:  “The voice is the most powerful healing tool available to us, which we all possess. It is a direct doorway to profound healing on all levels of our being.

"When you learn to use your voice in this way, when you dare to express the sounds – any sounds – that come through you, something magical happens.

"And as you find the courage to delve deeper and deeper still, through the layers of unexpressed emotions buried deeply inside your body, you come to a place of newfound freedom, a place where you get more and ever more in touch with your true essence, your true self, that which is unique to you.” 

is a certified Soul Voice Practitioner and Soul Voice(r) Teacher who trained extensively in modalities within the field of sound therapy and with a background in in hypnotherapy, counselling/psychotherapy, energy psychology and healing, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. 
She has a specialised in prenatal and birth psychology and believes in prenatal and birth 'memories' and how the nine months' gestation, birth experience and early infancy shape our life.  She is a member of the Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health and is trained as a pre and perinatal psychology educator. 
  Chantal runs a private practice from her home in Eltham, SE9. Details at
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