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Wednesday 26th September 2018
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Gorman talk

Regression is a subject which has long aroused strong feelings amongst hypnotherapists; feelings in a spectrum ranging from those convinced it is an essential part of therapy, through those who employ it occasionally then on to therapists who will have nothing to do with it.

You can download the entire text of Graham Gorman's talk by clicking this button – Link to Child Abuse paper
Graham Gorman

Graham Gorman

has been involved with hypnotherapy for more than 35 years following his retirement as an engineering scientists and technical director with Racal Electronics.
He first trained with the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy and was a member of the National Register of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy from 1982 until 2016 and was a member of its Governing Council for eight years.
In addition he was a member of UKCP from its inception to 2001.
He managed his own hypnotherapy practice between 1985 until 2000 during which time he also conducted extensive research.
Early results of his studies were carried by the European Journal of Clinical Hypnosis in 1997.


What is needed of course is rigorously conducted research – which is precisely what the speaker at our September 2018 meeting achieved.

The meeting itself proved to be exceptionally engaging resulting in members and guests unanimous in their enthusiasm. For those who could not attend – and those who did and want to go over the details again – the text is available on the pdf button above

Graham Gorman was a research scientist until his retirement from one of the UK's largest electronics corporations. Then in his late 50s, he embarked upon a brand new career as a hypnotherapist.

Over the next 10 to fifteen years Graham econducted an estimated 12,000 hypno-regression sessions with clients,

What proved to be especially interessting was the discovery that in a substantial number of cases, the clients' memories went right back to their births ... and before.

Many of those clients also exhibited similar if not identical responses of anger and fear before birth, indicating serious pre-birth trauma amongst some individuals.
foetal memory
The cumlative results of all this eventually led him develop new theories on the ability of hypno-regression to provide detailed knowledge about the nature, causes and outcomes of instinctual memories.

In his research Grahama sought to establish whether factual unconscious memories exist or not. However he now believes the research also revealed hitherto unknown information about the human brain and mind and the causes and effects of infantile trauma – some of which he describes as "alarming news."

Discover more about this truly fascinating subect and take the opportunity to question Graham about his research and findings at our next meeting on Wednesday 26th September.

Please NOTE the meeting is on a Wednesday this month


The meeting will takes place at the  at “The Carpenters Arms”, 12 Seymour Place,  W1H 7NE – just off Edgware Road & close to Marble Arch tube station.  Meetings start at 7.15pm

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