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Thursday 26th October 2017
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Pain Control Workshop

Presented by Sheren Gaulbert

The James Braid Society's October 2017 meeting saw a welcome return to Sheren Gaulbert when she presented the third in a series of talks on pain control.

Catherine Dixon
Sheren Gaulbert

is a chronic pain relief specialist and re-educator.  A popular speaker at our meetings, she is a member of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), and the Pain Education Group.

Her own breakthrough after suffering almost ten years with persistent pain, propelled her to dig deeper into pain biology and the role of hypnotherapy. Her Break Through Pain Programme helps clients build solid foundations to gain back control, and create a personal blueprint for long-term relief.

She trains and mentors therapists to effectively integrate pain education into their approach.

For those though who were fortunate enough to attend Sheren's earlier talks, the third presentation helped put that knowledge into practice.

According to Sheren:
“Within the James Braid membership there is a wealth of experience and several differing approaches.

"All approaches are valid as we treat the individual client in front of us rather than the diagnosis or label they might have been given.

“Just because someone presents with fibromyalgia, migraine, sciatica, IBS or has been told they have a herniated disc or pinched nerve, doesn’t mean we treat people with the same diagnosis or similar chronic pain symptoms the same.  Rather than simply masking over symptoms, each person’s unique experience is where we focus our attention in order to create an ethical, effective long-term better outcome."

Describing her talk as "a practical workshop" Sheren explained in detail the ways in which therapists can developtreatment plan options for specific client cases Sheren has worked with.

“Whilst there are no black and white, right or wrong decisions, there are shades of grey and ethical considerations," she added warning her audience that individual therapists should expect to be challenged in their treatment plan decisions and see how they fit with our current understanding of how pain biology works.

Among her aims she said was to enable those attending the talk to be able to go home with a sense of how to be more flexible when working with persistent pain.

Therapists she insists should all "question whether a chosen route is appropriate and armed with new ideas guided by current pain sciences.”


The meeting will takes place at the  at “The Carpenters Arms”, 12 Seymour Place,  W1H 7NE – just off Edgware Road & close to Marble Arch tube station.  Meetings start at 7.15pm

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