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Thursday 18th April 2013

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A talk by Barry
A talk by Barry Dunn-Simms

The NHS website has Counselling: Psychotherapy: Antidepressants, Tranquillisers, Beta-blockers, OR lots of sessions of CBT as the treatment for phobias.  

At the James Braid Society's April 2013 meeting, hypnotherapist Barry Dunn-Sims described how some of the one session methods have achieved impresively high success rates.  


Barry Dunn-Sims
Barry Dunn-Simms
has been involved with hypnotherapy from the Late 1960’s and trained with amongst others Gerald Kein, and later this year will be the London Trainer for Gerald Kein and the OMNI School of Hypnosis

You can view Barry’s website for more information – if only to read about his colourful past – by going to