About the James Braid Society


The James Braid Society is different from most other organisations concerned with hypnotherapy for it does not claim to be a professional body and membership of the society does not signify any kind of professional qualifications.

What it does do is create a venue where qualified hypnotherapists, those still training and others involved in the ethical application of hypnosis, can meet, discuss and learn.

The society has been doing this for about a quarter of a century and now, due to the pandemic, our monthly meetings are held online via Zoom

These are either talks from invited speakers on an appropriate topic or "open sessions" where members and visitors discuss particular issues. The society always tries to keep the atmosphere as informal as possible and members frequently socialise after meetings.

The majority – but not all – of our members or guests are working, non-medical hypnotherapists, psychotherapists and counsellors but membership also includes lay students, general practitioners and consultant psychiatrists.

They come from different training backgrounds and various professional associations/societies but all seem to appreciate the opportunity to learn new ways of working and many of us have made new friends.

The only category specifically banned from membership is anyone employing hypnosis for the purposes of entertainment.