James Braid Society Constitution


The organisation shall be known as the James Braid Society.


Membership is open to persons, including students, involved or concerned in the ethical uses of hypnosis.


Persons actively engaged in or promoting hypnosis for purposes of entertainment will be deemed ineligible for membership.


The purpose of the Society is to provide a club and forum to discuss therapeutic techniques and professional problems. The Society, will in addition, offer talks and workshops pertaining to hypnotherapy and promote friendship and co-operation among its members.


The Society is independent of any other hypnotherapy organisation, does not present itself as a training organisation and membership does not signify any attainment of standards of professional competence or bestow any right to professional qualifications.


The Society may hold meetings. One weekday meeting in each year will be designated as an Annual General Meeting.


It will be the policy of all members to keep formalities to the minimum necessary for the orderly running of the Society.


Extraordinary General Meetings can be called if requested by one third of the membership of the Society upon 21 days notice in writing.


That the Society will hold postal ballots of its members if such a ballot is requested, in writing, by at least one third of the membership. That such a request will not require the approval of either an AGM or EGM. That members eligible to vote in such a ballot will be all those whose subscriptions are current on the date on which the application for a ballot is received by the Chairman. That ballot papers be sent to those eligible to vote within 14 days of the application and that members be given 21 days to return their ballot forms. That a stamped addressed envelope be sent to members for the return of their ballot paper. That if ballots involve multiple choices they will, as in paragraph eleven of the Constitution, be conducted by Single Transferable Vote. That scrutineers be appointed by the Officers and Committee to supervise the count.


All paid-up members of the Society are eligible to nominate officers and vote in elections.


The Society shall have as its officers a chairman, secretary, treasurer and other appointments as shall be agreed at the Society’s Annual General Meeting. Contested elections will be conducted by Single Transferable Vote. The officers will have the power to co-opt up to three non-voting members.


In order to ensure the autonomy and impartiality of the Society those members who are the principal, owner, shareholder or officer of any teaching organisation or establishment specialising in hypnotherapeutic training or have a personal commercial interest in any hypnotherapy institute, association or professional body, will not be eligible to serve on the Committee of the Society or to act in the capacity of officer to the Society.


It is the responsibility of the officers to keep members informed of forthcoming meetings and encourage attendance.


All members shall be encouraged to express their views and to contribute to the development of the Society.


The Society is a non-profit making organisation which seeks to minimise costs to members. Its expenses shall be met by a combination of subscriptions and payments for attendance at meetings. Subscription levels are to be maintained so as to cover administration, postage, stationery, contingencies etc. Attendance payments will be set so as to be adequate to cover hire of premises for meetings.


The Society shall hold a bank account and payments from the account shall be on the signature of the Treasurer plus at least one other nominated officer.


Details of the Society's accounts shall be presented by the Treasurer at the Annual General Meeting. Details of the accounts shall also be reported at monthly meetings during the year at the request of any member upon seven days notice in writing.


This Constitution shall be changed only at a properly convened AGM or EGM with 21 days notice of any proposed change being given to Members.


The Officers shall draft and publish the Standing Orders of the Society and amend them as required.