Thursday 18th April – virtual Masterclass online

hypnosis for kids
Presented by Laiz Lima Ricci

One of the first things students of hypnotherapy learn is that children are often superb subjects for hypnosis. Their ability to go into hypnosis can be phenomenal.

However for a variety of reasons, relatively few hypnotherapists work regularly or to any great extent, with young clients.

An exception to this though is the guest speaker for the Jams Braid Society's next online Zoom Masterclass, Laiz Lima Ricci.

This talk which takes place on Thursday 18th April starting 7.15 pm UK time . (For more detail of how to join this our online sessionsee below,)

Laiz graduated in psychology ten years ago, quickly launching her own practice and from the start she knew she wanted to work with children so immediately specialised in this field.

She discovered it was a speciality that she had largely to herself, which of course helped ensure clients.

As her skills continued to develop she realised that working with children was a great way to achieve significant results, achieve a deep sense of professional achievement… while also having lots of fun with her young clients.

In her Masterclass presentation to the James Braid society, Laiz will talk in some detail of her work and both and she changed and how she found herself moving into hypnotherapy.

Among the important changes in her practice was the realisation that she had to work not only with her young clients but their parents to achieve better results.

As she started helping parents with their "grown up problems", enabling them to feel better with more energy to help their children, almost without noticing it, Laiz found her field started to change from kids, to anxiety, to relationships and to self-esteem problems.

She explains: “It was a change I hadn’t notice happening, specially when I got in to hypnosis. But it made me feel so realised.

“It was crazy because I still saw myself as a children psychologist, and promoted myself that way, but that was not what was happening inside my office anymore.”

Laiz Lima Ricci
is a psycholigists with a Phd in neuropsychology.
She specialises in children’s analysis and hypnosis.
Laiz started her work with children and teenagers, but then moved on to also work with parents – especially with mothers and through couples relationships, to build a better environment at home which both helps the whole family while also producing faster and better therapeutic results

During her presentation Laiz will describe how to help parents as well as child clients.
She says: “It doesn't make sense to take anti-allergy pills then continue to be in a dusty environment.”

So in the field of child therapy therapists need to know how to help parents so that the therapist can have a better environment for the children they work with.

And of course,” she adds, “be prepared for a very effective and fun technique which I’ll teach you for those kids."

The link to the online Zoom Masterclass will be available in two ways.

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