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Thursday 18th March 2021

special note

Hypnosis and Deoxyribonucleic Acid – better known to most of us as DNA – may, at first sight, appear unlikely to be linked in research and scientific enquiry.

However for some years there has been a lively – not to say controversial – debate over whether hypnosis can alter a person's DNA.

Almost certainly every hypnotherapist knows – or at least should know – that persistent stress can have serious impacts on a person's psychoneuroimmunology but that hypnotherapy provides a positive solution which in turn benefits and changes the client's body.

In addition a string of clinical papers indicating the influence of the mind on human genetics and modifying the immune system have been carried by various medical journals including Scientific American.

Which in turn raises questions around whether hypnotherapy techniques can affect hereditary characteristics.

So it is with considerable interest and pleasure that the James Braid Society's next online talk is entitled "Genetic Consciousness."

It will be a master class presented by California-based hypnotherapist Kathi Kenedi who believes science and medicine are only now beginning to recognise the true extent to which the human mind can provide cures for physical illness.

Kathi says: "The DNA factor in disease has been in the forefront of medical research. As the genetic code is studied and revealed, many new treatments are in development for debilitating ailments.

"As science struggles with this lengthy process, another realisation is presenting itself through the collective consciousness: Each person has the ability to cure themselves."

She accepts such claims may sound unusual but insists: "In truth it happens everyday to millions of people.

"The power of the mind creates wellness and defies all logic in the science of medicine today. As science is in pursuit of proof, healing which cannot be explained is often acknowledged as a miracle.

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Kathi Kenedi
is a Certified Transpersonal/Clinical Hypnotherapist and Energy Healing Practitioner,who has combined hypnosis and energy healing to facilitate a powerful mind, body, and spirit experience. She is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, with a background in Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnosis as well as being a hypnosis instructor, She is also a Certified Energy Practitioner and Instructor,
She is an Advisory Board member of the International Hypnosis Federation (IHF) and a Recipient of the 2004 IHF Award of Excellence in the field of Transpersonal Hypnosis,
In addition Kathi is co-author of "Spiritual Counselors Secrets" and contributing author in "Your Rising Pheonix" and "7 Phobias Cured"

But then what is a miracle? That age-old question Kathi points out has often been written off by many scientists as inexplicable – and between a person and his/her God.

However, is it really inexplicable, can no explanation be found?

Our speaker thinks the answer can be found in the beliefs of many ancient societies which understood, or at least recognised, how one's thoughts influence one's bodies and the role this process has on health and healing.

"What we believe about ourselves can directly influence our ability to stay healthy," she says.

"Whether using traditional or alternative medical methods, if we believe strongly enough that it will work, it will!!

"Our DNA holds information on every aspect of our life and changes along with our belief systems to support our truth."

So maybe the ultimate question at our meeting on Thursday 18th March is – "What is your truth?"

What do you believe you inherited from your ancestors … what is your belief about your health, wealth and wellbeing?"

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