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only club welcome

The James Braid Society is a voluntary, non-profit making organisation which provides both a discussion forum and social gatherings for hypnotherapists.

Before the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic the club/society used to meet one evening a month in central London but now we meet on-line via a Zoom link.


Nevertheless we still strive to retain our tradition of keeping our doors open to anyone involved in the ethical use of hypnosis – therapeutic or experimental. Students are especially welcome.

We also still aim to keep our sessions informal and friendly and are always pleased to see new comers ... or old friends who have no attended for a while.

One of the of the society's main purposes is to provide an opportunity for those involved in hypnotherapy to meet colleagues, hear talks, hold discussions and generally develop a sense of collective professionalism within the field of hypnotherapy.

That of course is more difficult when on line but we're doing our best.