Dates of James Braid Society meetings


If you have suggestions for other speakers please contact the Secretary


Dates of meetings in 2018
Please take note: During 2018 for the first time not all our monthly meetings will take place on a Thursday. Four meetings – February, June, September and October – have had to be booked for Wednesdays. However, there is an outside chance this may change and the Thursday bookings will become available.

Weds 21st February


Experience the journey with the shaman’s drum – Adrian Dodd

Thurs 15th March

Mesmerist John Elliotson
– a talk by Wendy Moore

Thurs 19th April
Thurs 17th May
  Personality – a talk by Elwyn Griffiths
Weds 20th June
  Annual General Meeting
Thurs 19th July
  No meeting this month
Weds 26th September
Weds 24th October
Thurs 15th November
  Annual Christmas Dinner – date to be announced
If you would like to speak at one of our meetings, please contact the Secretary.