Dates of James Braid Society meetings


If you have suggestions for other speakers please contact the Secretary


Dates of meetings in 2018
Please take note: During 2018 for the first time not all our monthly meetings will take place on a Thursday. Four meetings – February, June, September and October – have had to be booked for Wednesdays. However, there is an outside chance this may change and the Thursday bookings will become available.


Thurs 17th May
  Personality – a talk by Elwyn Griffiths
Weds 20th June

Annual General Meeting
Followed by:
The Importance of the Ideomotor Response: A talk by Leila Hart.

Thurs 19th July
  No meeting this month
Weds 26th September
Weds 24th October
Thurs 15th November
  Annual Christmas Dinner – date to be announced
If you would like to speak at one of our meetings, please contact the Secretary.