Our Next Meeting

Thursday 17th May 2018

Personality: What does it mean for us?

A talk by Elwyn Griffiths

Personality is a concept familiar to us all. But who can define it in a completely satisfactory way? Does this matter?

Is personality relevant to our practice? Do we find that most, or even all, our clients are of one particular personality type? How do we respond to a different one?

Elwyn Griffiths
Elwyn Griffiths

is Secretary of the James Braid Society and has a hypnotherapy practice in Islington, north London

He is particularly interested in the scientific basis for hypnotherapy and keen to develop the range of issues which can be tackled with soundly based approache


That is the intriguing and important question which will be asked – and maybe even answered – at the society's next meeting on Thursday the 17th May.

The speaker will be our own secretary Elwyn Griffiths and it promises to be a thought-provoking and wide-ranging discussion.

Many members will know how Elwyn habitually considers therapy from a scientific point of view.

So no one should be surprised if he will be both reminding members and guests of what they know while perhaps also disclosing things they didn’t.

And at the same time he will be try to help answer the question of how we, as therapists, react and adjust to the different personality types who present for treatment.

So there are now two things to do.

First make a note in your diary to make sure you take part in what promises to be a memorable meeting.

And in the meantime try to think about when you last changed your style or approach to take account of the particular personality displayed by a client.



The meeting will takes place at the  at “The Carpenters Arms”, 12 Seymour Place,  W1H 7NE – just off Edgware Road & close to Marble Arch tube station.  Meetings start at 7.15pm

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