101 things I wish I’d known when I started using hypnosis

By Dabney Ewin

Crown House Publshing Ltd, Bancyfelin Carmarthen & Bethel CT, USA
ISBN 978-184590291-9    128 pages $24.95 [on Amazon at £12.15 or Kindle £10.15]


imageWhile researching warts for a previous meeting of the James Braid Society I was impressed by papers written by Dabney Ewin. So I splashed out on this little book of his.

Dr Ewin has been teaching medical hypnosis for the past thirty years and believes a small book by a knowledgeable author can provide a clear message .

Which is precisely why he has tried to ensure this book is as small as possible, consistent with the message of taking a complicated idea then presenting it in the simplest way.

You are unlikely to find anything here that you did not already know. But it presents points clearly and in quick chunks as valuable reminders of why you knew they were important.

So ... just the thing for those odd moments over coffee or before sleep

Elwyn Griffiths May 2017