Handbook of Hypnotic Inductions

By George Gafner & Sonja Benson

W W Norton & Company, New York and London ISBN: 0-393-70324-X  2000  177 pages £22


imageThis book is written by therapists for therapists with some experience. It consists mainly of (scripted) inductions and deepeners developed and used in a clinical setting.

Even though the texts refer to the USA and relate to specific clients, they are useful in that they are well set out and explained.

The authors set great store by ensuring that clients verify the hypnotic experience, pretty much sharing Ormond McGill’s approach. They even go so far as to suggest immersing a client’s hand in a bucket of iced water, timing staying power with and without trance.

There’s not a lot here for therapists trained in the UK, but if you are not familiar with some of the conversational, embedded-meaning, or confusional inductions, then then this is a good straightforward introduction to their use. You can get a copy on Amazon for about £6.

Elwyn Griffiths May 2017