Teach Yourself Hypnotherapy for a better life
by Tig Calvert

Hodder Education, 2011
212 pages; £9.99

Reviewed by Elwyn Griffiths – March 2012



Don't be put off by the Teach Yourself label, or by the price. This slim volume may be aimed at the self-help market, but it contains a lot of material useful to hypnotherapists.

The book is science based and is not promoting yet another attempt to brand established ideas. It starts with a clear description of the brain and how hypnosis works. This section is both a useful reminder to therapists, and a clear guide to how to explain it to clients.

The core of the book is sections on (scripted) procedures for self-hypnosis, specific scripts for aspects of psychological well-being, and very useful sections on immune function, weight loss, and sleep issues.

The basic approaches will be familiar, but students will find the explanations helpful and therapists might find it interesting to compare these sections with their own procedures.

Elwyn Griffiths